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Pamela Bolado was born with a cleft lip. Like so many born with this genetic disfigurement, the social repercussions of growing up different, then having to endure surgeries to correct it, and finally dealing with the resulting scars were traumatizing to say the least.

However, at age 18, Pamela had an epiphany.

"I had my first facial and I loved how she made me feel and I wanted to do that. I wanted to make women feel empowered in the same way! That was the beginning of my journey to learn everything I could about skin and the ins and outs of the beauty industry ... It was time to turn my experience into something positive."

So her journey began. Over the next two decades, Bolado would travel the world learning all she could about skincare, eventually becoming an oncology trained, Licensed Master Esthetician and Licensed Micropigmentation Specialist.

As a military wife, Pamela has also learned first hand how helping heal scars on the skin could help heal internal scars as well. So she opened a small skin care boutique, which specializes in the treatment of people with extremely sensitive skin concerns.

Her line of skin care is designed for Oncology skin therapies to anti-aging treatments. Made to medical grade standards, they are suitable and safe for treating scars, bruises, and pre and post-op surgeries, as well as the burning and drying skin conditions resulting from radiation treatments.

And it turns out those products work fantastic on healthy skin. So finally, she launched her skincare company, Le Pamier. Every bit as dedicated as her husband is to his country, Pamela lives in service to helping others as well.

As she says, "I am most proud of my Cleft Cosmetic Rejuvenation Fund. You can read more about the mission on my webpage http://www.lepamier.com/our-mission/"

Watch a testimonial to know just how impactful her work has been: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j32Xw5PqXXI


Our Team

Le Pamier supports fellow Military Spouses. Pamela is proud to work alongside these amazing and hardworking MilSpouses


The Fund

'The Fund' is Pamela's way of giving back. She wanted to create this fund within her business model where a portion of every purchase will go back to empowering people that were born just like her, with a cleft. This funding will help people born with cleft lips and palates, regain self esteem and confidence by covering costs of scar therapy and micro-pigmentation of the lip contour.

The photos below show you the process a cleft patient can receive through 'The Fund'. After their initial surgery and healing time, a patient can then undergo esthetic enhancement to allow them to have a full beautiful smile. Insurance does not cover scar therapy and micro-pigmentation of the lip contour and most men and women do not have the funds to complete this cosmetic journey; that is where Le Pamier steps in. Our fund will help those that cannot afford what most of us take for granted, our smile.

Cleft Cosmetics
I’m most proud to have created a fund through Le Pamier products that will cover costs for post-operative scar treatment and lip reconstruction/shape with micropigmentation for my fellow cleft lip and palate survivors who need that extra boost of self-confidence.
— Pamela Bolado


Le Pamier is currently raising first-round funding with the help of iFundWomen. This funding cycle ends on September 1st, 2018.

Learn more about our campaign at https://ifundwomen.com/projects/le-pamier

Your support goes beyond funding us...it fixes smiles across the world, one procedure at a time.
— Pamela Bolado


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Pamela Bolado
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I’ve brought my globalexperience as an Oncology Trained, Master Esthetician and Micropigmentation Specialist and bottled it into my line of skincare
— Pamela Bolado



Info & FAQ's

  • Le Pamier offers a comprehensive range of cosmeceutical ingredients, such as plant-derived stem cells, peptides, vitamins, hyaluronic acids, retinols, and anti-oxidant

  • Our Recoverderm line is formulated to provide a gentle solution for those recovering from oncology treatments, post-surgical procedures and hypersensitivity. We have a Recoverderm cleanser, toner, serum, and a crème

  • With every purchase a portion of the profits will go back to empowering women and men just like Pamela Bolado, born with cleft lips and palates

  • Le Pamier supports fellow military spouses

  • Le Pamier products have over 50 years of combined formulation expertise

  • Le Pamier works with a lab has been in business for over 20 years and is also a USDA certified organic producer

  • Le Pamier products are produced in small batches so that we only offer the freshest possible formulation

  • Le Pamier products are manufactured in accordance with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP)

  • Le Pamier products follow the recommendations of the FDA & Health Canada

  • Toxicity, microbiological, temperature & stability testing is done on all formulations

  • Le Pamier products are cruelty free and use no animal testing for all formulations

  • The majority of Le Pamier botanicals are extracted in house in order to maintain optimal freshness


Phone: 253-258-9099

Email: pamela@lepamier.com

Web: www.lepamier.com