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Meet Pamela

I’m most proud to have created a fund through Le Pamier products that will cover costs for post-operative scar treatment and lip reconstruction/shape with micropigmentation for my fellow cleft lip and palate survivors who need that extra boost of self-confidence.
~ Pamela Bolado

Le Pamier Founder Pamela Bolado LME, LMS, Oncology Trained.

A Licensed Master Esthetician, Licensed Micro-pigmentation Specialist and Oncology Trained, Le Pamier founder Pamela Bolado believes women and men look their absolute best when they have the glow of healthy, youthful skin.

While running a private skin care boutique she realized a need to develop a line based on real life experiences, including her own. Within due time, Le Pamier was born.

Prior to founding Le Pamier, Pamela dedicated her 20 year career to honing her skill about skincare and cosmetic procedures. She has lived abroad for a total of 10 years. Over the span of 10 years, Pamela has lived and trained across the globe in Canada, US, UK, Spain, France, Germany, Dubai and Kuwait, and has developed her line based on the knowledge and experiences she obtained during this time. 

Employed by prestigous companies like Aveda UK, Royale Hayat Hospital and the New Life Clinic in Kuwait, Pamela worked alongside globally recognized dermatologists and plastic surgeons, eventually working her way up as a manager in medical esthetics. It was during these years that Pamela truly established herself as an expert in the industry. After marrying into the United States Air Force and moving to New Jersey shortly after, she opened a small skincare boutique of her own in her new community. Her business operations now reside in Washington State.



I was born and raised in East Coast Canada. It took me a few years to really understand why I love what I do and why I have never given up and continue to learn and grow in the beauty industry.

I was also born with a cleft lip; And just being confident to really talk about it, took many years. For most of my youth, teen years and even in my twenties, I had difficulty understanding what it meant to have a cleft, how to accept it and talk about it. It was from school age to my later teen years that I was mostly affected by having a cleft lip. I was told by my surgeon that I was fortunate to have been born 2 weeks past the due date and it was assumed that my lip had closed back together on its own during that time; This made the reconstruction at birth less complex.    

I remember comments from kids as early as grade 1, like “what happened to your face?” Some days I forgot I had a cleft until a kid would point it out and remind me. This was the beginning of my self-esteem issues. As you know, teenagers come with their own basket of insecurities, now just imagine that intertwined with a facial abnormality. It was rough!  

I would look in the mirror and ask myself why I couldn’t just be normal and beautiful like all the other girls around me. Then my acne started, and the fight for healthy skin came into play. I don’t miss those years. I would say around 16 or 17 years old, I started to become more confident.

When I was 16, I joined a local boxing club and was the only female at that gym for quite some time with 9 undefeated fights under my belt, I know….crazy! But, for a few years it was easier to use that as an excuse to why I had a scar on my lip when people would ask.


At 18, I had my first facial at a local spa in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. I had my “ah-ha” moment… I loved how I left feeling, and I wanted to do the same for other women. I wanted to make women feel empowered by their beauty! That was the beginning of my journey to learn everything I could about skin and the in’s and out's of the beauty industry. There was something that drew me and it took a few years to really link it to my cleft and all the bottled-up insecurities and emotions that came with it. It was my time to turn it into something positive.  

Over the last 20 years, I have had 3 corrective surgeries including having cartilage from my ear to rebuild the tip of my nose. I’ve taken my training and knowledge of micro-needling and treated my scar from my nose across my lip and finally utilized my knowledge of micro-pigmentation and have had color correction and reshaping to my lips. With these treatments along with proper skin care and scar therapy, the appearance of a cleft lip and/or palate can be camouflaged. 

In the end, I’m now 40, happily married to my amazing Air Force Pilot and best friend, Matt, and have 3 beautiful children! My lifelong goal is to teach, inspire and share my love and story to everyone. 

My products reflect my journey, commitment and knowledge of the beauty industry and skin care.”